Tricks for Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories now has over 200 million daily active users -  more than Snapchat! Instagram has been consistent with updates to the Stories features they offer, and Stories can be used for both personal and professional profiles every day. With the holiday season in full swing, we're giving you a few ways to make your Instagram Story stand out: 

Optimize Your Image | When posting an image to Instagram, the ideal dimensions vary from a regular post versus Story post. When creating a graphic on a third party application, resize your image to 1080 px x 1920 px. If your image is not resized to story dimensions, it will be cut off or zoomed in.

Dual Captions for Shadow Effects | Overlay text on a neutral color (white, black, tan) to create a shadow effect and add depth to the text in your post!


The Ombre Effect | Now we have to preface that this isn’t the fastest trick we’ve learned, but when executed it creates a truly unique effect on your story. We like to use text in all CAPS to capture the ombre effect in full. To begin, select all your text and chose the color you want to start with. When you press down on the color, it will bring up the entire color palette. Now for the time-consuming part: with one finger on the selected text and one on the palette slowly slide the color in your desired direction while using the other finger to move from letter to letter. The image below is a subtle ombre effect but how dramatic of an ombre is up to you!


Change the Day of the Week to Match Your Post | When you add the day of the week sticker, Instagram has the color picked out. However, when you tap it, it turns white. If you are looking to add a different color to the sticker, you can use the pen tool and click a color to shade the box (just make sure you stay within the lines)!


Story By: Reshma Brahmbhatt