How To Create A Successful Live Video


When producing a live video, the audience feels a genuine connection to the content rather than seeing it as a social media strategy. In order to create a seamless live video for your business, you can use these steps to reach your audience:


Invite guests or influencers that appeal to your target audience. By going live with people your audience will be excited about, you’ll generate interest in the live session. To grow your audience, your guest’s followers will be notified of the live video as well, so it may boost your following as well.


Scheduling live posts to announce important information will promote your product and boost views, rather than making a post about it since followers are notified about the live posting. Make sure all announcements are relevant to your followers and are not overly live-posted. This can cause a decrease in the following.


Live videos are a perfect chance for you to show off your product, whether it be an unboxing video of makeup or a new dish at your restaurant. The audience has the chance to get involved and ask questions as you display your product.

Live content gives a reason for fans to follow the account and stay up-to-date with your business. Going live will keep your profile at the top of the feed, and keep your audience always coming back!

Story By: Kelsey Currie