Traditional Marketing + Social Media


2016 is almost over and, at this point, it’s safe to say social media marketing is here to stay. If you’ve been putting off creating a social media strategy for your company or outright avoiding it, you’ve come to the right place.

Using some of the most time-tested traditional marketing strategies, I’ll show you how social media will not only fit into your existing marketing plan but make it even better.

Social Media and the Purchase Funnel


Created in 1898, the purchase funnel is a cornerstone of traditional marketing. It established four main steps to a purchase: Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. While there are arguments that the purchase funnel isn’t relevant in today’s crowded media landscape, it nonetheless justifies a creating a social media marketing plan.

With social media’s (especially Facebook’s) extensive targeting options, it’s easier than ever to reach the audience most likely to be interested in your brand (awareness), build their relationship with your brand through lead generation and engagement (interest), keep your product or service at the top of their mind (desire) and ultimately make a sale (action). With all the major social media sites offering advertising options, it’s possible to recreate the purchase funnel on all of them or choose the site most suited to your needs.

Social Media and Multi-Channel Campaigns


A multi-channel campaign used to mean advertising on TV and radio and print. Today, you can put together a well-rounded multi-channel campaign without leaving Pinterest. With multiple campaign types offered on major social media sites including Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, it’s easier than ever to reach your audience in multiple places and accomplish multiple goals simultaneously.

A social media multi-channel campaign could start by reaching a new audience with a brand awareness ad, then drive consumers to a brand page on social media or the website with a traffic ad, all while keeping consumers engaged by promoting sales and branded content.

Social Media and Your Audience


Undoubtedly, social media’s strength lies in its approachability. Never before have businesses been able to communicate so closely with their customers. Need to do market research? Study your Facebook followers’ habits and interests. Want to gauge how well you’re handling customer service? A quick glance at Twitter replies and mentions will give you a good idea. Have a product or service you want to introduce or reintroduce? Instagram influencers combine aspects of a celebrity endorsement and word-of-mouth marketing in one neat package.

Regardless of the type of business or marketing goal, social media has a space for it. Make creating a social media strategy one your goals for 2017, or better yet, get started today.

Story by: Kelsey Thompson