Top Aesthetic Trends to Watch in 2019


It’s vital to keep a pulse on your customer’s aesthetic expectations of your brand in order to be creating content that’s visually engaging. Here at Imagine, we have a very talented Creative Team, but it takes work to research and stick with current with trends.

Thankfully, Shutterstock helps us stay ahead of the curve - aesthetically speaking. They recently released an interactive infographic predicting creative and visual trends for 2019 based off the hundreds and thousands of images, graphics, videos, and music searched for and downloaded by their customer base. Their report was broken down to major and rising creative trends, outlining the concepts and components behind each look.

Here’s a quick breakdown for you:

Major Trends

Zine Culture: an ‘undesigned look’ of unpolished images generally composed in a collage format. It’s a look full of noise and rough corners.

80’s Opulence: think gold chains, opulence, and over the top animal prints. This look is composed of clashing, attention grabbing patterns and textures.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow: like a dated 2000’s futuristic film- this look is all about futurism viewed from the dawn of the digital age. Think neons, fluorescent colors and basic vector graphics.

Rising Trends

Beyond Plastic: It’s no secret that recycling is in. Millennials value environmentally-friendly brands more than any other generation. Products that are green, refurbished, or hemp-based are on the rise.

Kawaii: This look is warm, joyful, and silly. Think of childlike pastel cartoons and shapes- things people are biologically tuned to like.

Kalamkari: Based on the traditional Indian art form this look is comprised of hand made, complex patterns in earthy tones depicting nature.

Rocco Romance: Elegant curves and shadows define this sensual look inspired by the ornamental period.

Prism: Neon colors in sharp geometric shapes.

Hypnotic: Swirling and repetitive patterns for a mind-entrancing experience.

Everyday Futurism: Technology seems to be moving at the speed of light, with new  advancements in AI, VR, and facial recognition- it’s no surprise these advancements have affected visual mediums.

Tempting Typography: Icing or donut letters provide sugar-coated dimension to lettering.

We suggest visiting the original infographic to get the full experience; you can also check out the links to each trend above to get a better visual idea of what each look is about. We are keeping an eye on the horizon to see if Shutterstock's predictions affect brands’ content.

Have you seen these visual trends on your social media feed?

Story By: Jillian Radcliffe