Top 5 Ways to Create Engaging Content


The rise of digital media has required most companies to build a social profile in order to stay relevant in the changing sphere of advertising. Here are some tips on how to engage your audience through social media content. 

1) Curate Content
It is important to use your best and most relevant resources to engage your audience. Brian Carter, CEO of the Carter Group, suggested the 50-30-20 rule. This rule says that a good social profile is comprised of 50% curated content, 30% original content, and 20% promoted content. What exactly does this entail? Curated content is pulling relevant information from blogs, e-books, and other resources that fall in line with your brand. Not only does this save time, but it also builds relationships with a wider audience. Every brand cannot be an expert on everything in their market, curating content and use reputable sources such as Forbes, Adweek, or Newsweek can help with this. For social media platforms, feature brands that inspire you by using their products in posts then tagging them or mentioning how they were the inspiration behind the content. 

2) Hire Writers With Insight
Whether you have a team of writers or just one, it is vital they think strategically about the content they are writing for. Whether it be a social media post for a laid back beer company or a high end jewelry brand, a good writer will be able to seamlessly transition their voice to resonate with the target audiences of any brand. 

3) Utilize Analytics
Platforms such as Google Analytics and SproutSocial better understand what is working and what can possibly be fixed. Google Analytics is a great tool for e-commerce and brick and mortar companies that want to have insights on where users may be spending the most time and allocating resources based off the information. SproutSocial is a user friendly platform that measures companies social media platforms. 

4) Create a Podcast
Podcasting is experiencing a huge growth. Spotify has even began to feature podcasts on their app. Podcasting is a tool to share you expertise with your fellow peers in similar industries. A 20 minute conversation with leaders in your industry is also a way to illustrate your communication skills. Imagine More discusses the entrepreneurial journey that has sparked many businesses that inspire us.  

5) Stay Relevant
Tell stories that fit your audiences today. Many companies utilize services that schedule media posts which eliminates the possibility for error. However, using relevant hashtags or using platforms such as Twitter can be an essential tool to gain your maximum reach by using topics that may be unforseen.

Story By: Reshma Brahmbhatt