#TipTuesday: 8 Tabs to Elevate Productivity

Here at Imagine Media, multi tasking is key. Whether we’re emailing clients, working together on a project, checking one of many items off of our to do lists, creating custom graphics in a split, or extending the Customer Service branch of a company, it takes an army of tools and tabs to keep our lives productive and our jobs well done. Check out the 8 below that top the list, and fill us in on the ones that you like to use in the comments below! 

Gmail: There’s no better way to keep all of our client emails on track than with our handy dandy Gmail accounts. We always ensure that our shared calendar is updated and fed through the left side of our inbox, and keep GChat up and running on the right. What’s more? It makes accessing our shared Google Docs so much easier. More to come on that below.

Slack: Speaking of gchat, we like to take our chatting game to a new level with Slack. We are able to organize all of our clients into folders, direct message other teammates, collaborate on company wide topics and projects, keep up to date on Social Media news and send surprise GIFs to each other on the reg. PS do this by typing /giphy then enter the emotion that you want to portray. Here’s a little example for the fun of it: /giphy good job


Google Docs: All hail Google Docs! Here, we keep important documents organized by client, but it is also home to our Master Document. The Master Doc is all that Imagine Media encompasses at a glance including client information, report due dates, calendars, task sheets, post guides and more.

Wunderlist: Here’s where we give a home to all of the pop up tasks that come through day to day, and can assign team members task to complete as well. These notifications are fed through our Slack messages which makes keeping up super simple. 

Tweetdeck: Tweetdeck is an awesome platform used to keep all things Twitter live and on your desktop. You can toggle between accounts to have a running list of your feed, notifications, posts and more for clients and your personal account. Twitter is tough to keep up with, and Tweetdeck helps significantly. 

Canva: For the PhotoShop challenged, Canva is a quick and simple way to create professional level graphics. With so many options for layouts, fonts, and colors, beware of getting sucked in to this awesome tool. 

Facebook: Duh, right? Facebook is always pulled up because we’re always on it for client purposes whether it be boosting posts, checking Facebook Ad results, live posting or continuing the Social Media conversation with our clients’ audiences, having Facebook open is key.

Sprout: Last but certainly not least is Sprout Social. We use this tool to schedule in posts for Facebook and Twitter and to manage customer comments and questions daily. 

That’s it, folks! We weren’t kidding about being professional multi taskers, and we love every moment of it. 

Post By: Margot Dukes