Tips and Tricks: How to Maintain an Organized Email Practice

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Email inboxes can be very overwhelming. Many people either love or hate using email. The truth is though that everyone must use it in today’s world because it has become a top form of communication. Below are a few tips to keep your inbox count at a minimum and ensure that you stay on top of all your deadlines and events.

Folders, Folders, Folders

The first thing you will want to do is develop a list of folder titles that make sense to your life (Work, School, Kids, Bills, etc.). This will allow you to prioritize what needs to be done now and what can wait for a response. By moving the incoming email immediately to its correct folder it will allow your overall inbox to not look like a war zone!

Unsubscribe to all unneeded platforms

You do not want to receive emails that are unnecessary and that are not helping you in any matter. Therefore, when you receive an email that you would delete right away, stop and scroll to the bottom of it and unsubscribe. Keep in mind that moving messages to the trash bin does not wipe them out instantaneously. is a great tool to use to get all your unwanted emails out of your inbox in a matter of minutes. This practice will ensure you that you will never receive a message from that particular company or email address again.

Automatic Replies are a must

Do you usually respond the same way to multiple emails? If this is a common practice for you then you should create automatic responses. Thunderbird Quicktext is a great platform that helps organize responses in different categories. By clicking on what topic you are responding to, it will then give you a list of responses to choose from. Creating this list of frequent responses that you can easily copy and paste will cut your email response time in half.

Color code

On top of the folders, color coding certain emails that are priority can help you keep track of what you must respond to first. For example, by using green to tag emails that are considered enjoyment such as a blog, red as an email that needs you to respond to it ASAP such as a late bill, and blue for events that you are interested in going to. This feature may look overwhelming at first but after you get used to it, it will become quite powerful and helpful.

Email is an amazing tool and using it correctly makes it that much more helpful. Take these easy tips and turn your email life around for good!

Story By: Katherine Rittenhouse