Engaging Video Ideas

Producing videos can get overwhelming and many of us struggle to come up with simple ideas for content that would appeal to our audience. I’ve listed a few ideas to help get your creative gears turning for your next video.

1. AnnouncementsDo you have exciting news to share with your audience? Instead of sharing it in a tweet or graphic, announce it in a short video and share it on social media. See our Rebrand Kick Off video. 

2. Behind The ScenesThere’s something in all of us that loves getting the inside scoop. Whether you have a new product in the works or you’re in the middle of a new product, invite your audience behind-the-scenes at a photo or video shoot like ours from Private Holdings. 

3. TestimonialTake your customer feedback out of quotations and produce a quick interview. Not only is this much more engaging, but a firsthand testimonial is also much more personable and relatable. Hear what our partners from Karoo, Now and Again, and The Scout Guide have to say about us! 

4. How ToActions speak louder than words. Use a video to show your audience how to do something in a video rather than telling them how to do something. Our graphic designer Emily does a great job explaining how to tell a story with graphics.

5. Q + A - Have your audience ask you questions and answer them in a video. This works especially well on live-streaming platforms like Periscope or in webinars. 

6. Stop-Motion - Our creative team loves coming up with awesome stop-motion ideas and seeing the final results. Take quick photos or videos of something in action and compile them together in softwares like Final Cut, Photoshop, or iMovie.

7. Employee SpotlightsDo you work with a team of people? Show off your team and make it more personable by introducing your audience to the people behind it. Have them answer some fun questions or tell a story. Our Digital Media Coordinator Kelsey did just that in our Meet the Imagineers series! 

8. Time-lapse - Are you working on a big project or a creative task that takes an extended amount of time? Set up your camera and film your progress over time. Then, speed it up and share it with your audience. They will be very impressed by how much work actually went into a project. 

9. RecapsRecap videos are popular within blog posts, so why not take the same approach with your video content? Compile your favorite clips from an event or year. You could even roundup your most recent projects and give your audience a look at your portfolio.

10. CinemagraphsCinemagraphs are still frames that have one changing element. This idea plays off of the stop-motion idea and can be a simple yet very creative. Grab a tripod and camera and get to filming! Check out our blog post on how to create cinemagraphs using photoshop! 

I hope these ideas helped sparked something for your next video. Head on over to our YouTube channel to see more videos and get inspired here! 

Story by: Barbara