Tips and Tricks: Maintaining A Busy Schedule


One of the main problems that businessmen and women face in their daily lives is balancing their busy schedules. It is difficult to balance work life with home life, which adds unneeded stress on an already chaotic schedule. It’s important to keep yourself in check and make sure that you aren’t missing any tasks no matter how busy you may be.

Here are some tips and tricks that may help with schedule overwhelm:

  1. Prioritizing:

    Tackling the most important and time sensitive tasks before anything else is the best approach to prioritizing your day. Once these are out of the way, it will allow more time to tackle other things that aren’t as time sensitive. We are often overwhelmed with meetings, networking events or lunches throughout the day, so making sure to utilize the down time to finish smaller tasks is essential.

  2. Staying Organized:

    When schedules are busy, it is very easy to overlook an important task. Staying organized is the best way to ensure nothing is being skipped. Using planners, keeping a task sheet or even setting daily reminders can help make sure everything is getting done. Make sure to look at the week ahead of time and set reminders accordingly to avoid double booking.

  3. Accountability:

    Being an open book and turning to a support team is always a good idea. Don’t be afraid to be annoying because that’s what friends and family are here for. They may even be able to conquer an errand or project that you don’t have time to complete.

  4. Making Me-Time:

    The downfall of having a packed schedule is not making enough time to decompress from a busy week. You can get caught up in responding to emails and phone calls and neglect yourself in the process. Even if it is just 15 min out of each day to get your own thoughts together, it is important to take the time to do so. Also, limiting the amount of work on the weekends is important to ensure you are getting some quality, uninterrupted leisure time.

  5. Know Your Limits:

    It’s okay to say no. Many people bite off more than they can chew, leaving them stressed and overwhelmed. Stretching yourself too thin is exhausting and can become dangerous in some instances. Colleagues will most likely be understanding and can easily find another person to complete the task.

Staying balanced will make you more productive in the long run. Work on establishing boundaries and sticking to them to help you manage your busy schedule!

Story By: Madeline Adair