Tip Tuesday: Free Money Saving Apps

Growing older means a lot of things; more independence, more responsibilities, more spending… That’s why this Tip Tuesday, we’re discussing 4 free apps that will help you save money.

1. MintWith so many bills and due dates, It’s easy to lose track. Mint sends your reminders of when your payments are due so you can pay them on the spot, or schedule a payment for later. By syncing to your Bank Account, Mint will track your spending habits to let you know where you’re slacking and where you could be saving.   

2. Level MoneyAnother budgeting app. This app also keeps track of how much you are spending each day on different categories and will send you notifications of how much spending cash you have left. For example, if you want to keep up with the amount of Starbucks you spend a week, Level will let you know how much you will spend for the month if you continue spending at a certain rate. For several of us at Imagine who have an undying love for the Starbucks conveniently across the street from Ponce City Market, we give this feature a big two thumbs up.

3. HopperFor the things we don't want to sacrifice in order to save money like traveling? Meet Hopper. Your personal digital travel agent that let's you know whether or not you should purchase the plane ticket now, or wait a few days for a price drop. Hopper will continue to scan the given cities and flight prices and eventually notify you when there's been a significant price decrease. 

4. BestParkingFor the everyday inconveniences that set us back, like finding the perfect (least expensive) parking spot, there's BestParking. Whether parking for work, a big game, or meeting at a new restaurant for happy hour drinks, BestParking allows you to bypass cruising around in search for the most favorable parking spot. By scanning the local area for the the cheapest and most conveniently located parking decks, this app will save you time and money all day, everyday.

Download these few to help you with day-to-day savings, or to find the cheapest deals for everyday necessities. Or if you are looking for more money saving apps, take a look at this top 10 list from Thrillist!