Timehop Throws Facebook A Bit of Shade

Recently, Facebook announced a new feature coming soon to the social media site called "On This Day." The new tool "takes anything from birthdays to wedding anniversaries logged on the site and notifies you of the special moments on a dedicated page on the site, through your News Feed or via mobile app." So to clarify, yes, that photo your friend posted of yourself riding the mechanical bull after a bender six years ago is probably about to resurface. And remember when you first started dating your significant other all of those years ago, and you both used to write ridiculously disgusting but somewhat cute virtual love notes on each others wall? That's about to come back too, folks. Is this starting to sound a little bit familiar yet? Well it should, because it's pretty much exactly like the popular app Timehop. Have no fear though, Timehop devotees, because Timehop doesn't seem to be too intimidated. Last Wednesday, April Fools Day, Timehop "announced the arrival of a new app called "Timebook," essentially calling Facebook out on stealing their idea by pretending to steal Facebook's idea. On the Timehop app, a bit.ly link sends users curious about the joke directly to Facebook's "On This Day" announcement."

Well done, Timehop, well done. May we all learn a lesson in successful 'shade throwing.'

Story by: Allie Nute