Meet Our New Partner: Explorateur Travel

I don't know if you've caught on to this yet...but us Imagineers are BIG travel enthusiasts! So the opportunity to work with Jennifer Stuart and Explorateur Travel is one we are seriously THRILLED about. What's super cool and different about Explorateur Travel is that it isn't a travel agency -- it's an affordable and personal consultative approach that provides a modern way to plan trips and experience new things. 

Experiential travel is Jennifer's jam and she saw a niche where her passion sparked. She saw that travel is changing - it isn't strictly about sight-seeing any more and more about actually experiencing and being immersed in the culture. That is exactly what her personalized and detailed itineraries provide. Jennifer searches tirelessly to cultural and unique experiences specific to your trip and interests. The best part about it is the affordability - the packages range from a simple consultation to an in depth and tailor made itinerary that won’t break your wallet. 

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