Introducing Our New Partner: Tickled Pink

We are simply tickled pink about our new client, Ticked Pink Shooting Club! This invitation only, women’s shooting club was designed to not only build friendships and bonds, but to also empower women who have been diagnosed with or are surviving breast cancer. They aim to provide a comforting and strengthening distraction to keep thoughts focused on the positive. The company first got its start when founder and VP of Sales Christine Strange first shot a gun. Having survived breast cancer, she felt that if she had been able to shoot a gun while she was going through treatment it would have made her feel “more in control”. She says, “Shooting helped [her] feel like [she] was breaking the feat of cancer and bonding with great girlfriends to do a ‘cool thing’”.

There are several different excursions, which the club offers as trips for the ladies. They travel together promoting sisterhood and build one another up. The club largely promotes gun safety and has a featured list of four basic principles featured on their website. Educating and uplifting one another, Tickled Pink also supports the “Pull ‘Em For Pink” sporting clay tournament at Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club in Douglasville, Georgia. The event, which premiered last year, benefits the Breast Cancer Survivors’ Network of Georgia.

If you are interested in joining, there is a short form on the website which can be filled out for consideration. Membership is granted on an invite only basis! To find out more visit their site.

Blog by: Leah Griffin

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