#TheInternDiaries: A Day in the Life

In the past month that I’ve been an intern at Imagine Media, SO many friends have messaged me to say how cool it looks. And they’re not wrong! From the office vibes to the clients, to the fact that I wear my jean jacket every day to work… interning at Imagine Media has been the coolest opportunity before taking my first steps in the real world. 

The question that I get asked most often is “what does your typical day look like?” So here I am to detail my day-to-day activities, and hopefully give insight into why interning at Imagine is unlike any other opportunity.

9:03 AM: Each day we start out with a morning huddle. We go around and say our priorities for the day, any challenges we might be facing, and then we give a shout out to a teammate for helping with a project, organizing a great event, or just being a great and supportive co-worker in general.

9:13 AM: Next I look at my daily task sheet and get started. The exact order of events varies every day, but usually I spend my time scheduling content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for six of our partners. Then I spend time pulling content (AKA the pictures and links that you see!) and importing them into the next week’s calendar for content. 

10:30 AM: Before lunch, I live post content for one of our bigger clients and check Instagram notifications for five different partners. When I check the notifications, I respond to direct messages and forward comments and complaints to the right place. (People don’t usually realize that the social media team doesn’t have anything to do with the actual product! But most of the time it’s still within our responsibility to make sure that the complaint is heard.)

12:00 PM: The absolute best part about working at Imagine is how close it is to a ton of different places to get food! (OK, maybe it’s not THE best part, but I love food so it’s up there for me!) In just a short 10 minute walk you can be at Ponce City Market, Whole Foods, Chipotle, Starbucks, Gusto! (one of our partners) and more! 

1:00 PM: After lunch, I finish up with any morning tasks I didn’t quite get around to finishing. Then I’ll take a look at the rest of the week: are there any blog posts I need to write (hello!)? Am I on track to finish a project on time? Is there anything I can help another Imagineer finish? There is never a shortage of things to do or help with at Imagine Media - which is one of the best parts about working here. Nobody will ever say no to you asking to take on extra projects, sit in on a client meeting, assist with a photo shoot, or help with monthly and weekly numbers updates.

2:00 PM: Every Monday we have our “Pump Up the Jams” meeting where each Imagineer updates the rest of the team on something - ranging from new partner onboarding to social media news, to what everyone is talking about. 

3:00 PM: After PUTJ on Mondays, the creative team meets and goes over the creative tasks for the current week and the week after. Even if you’re not technically on the creative team, you’re still more than welcome to sit in on the meetings and observe (or offer input!).

4:00 PM: As the day starts to wind down, I find myself offering to help anyone wrap up projects or get things jumpstarted as much as possible for the next day. I also check the calendar for the next few days to see if there are any meetings I can sit in on or photo shoots I can help with.

Like I’ve mentioned before, interning at Imagine Media isn’t a typical internship. You’re not running to get coffee or just observing from the sidelines - you’re knee deep in social media consulting and strategy, and you have actual assignments that have to get done or else a social media campaign for a partner won’t happen. There’s always something new to learn - and no sweat if you ask a million questions trying to master something! 

There you have it! That’s a typical (though there’s really no such thing) day in the life of a social media intern at Imagine Media Consulting!

Story by: Tori Moore