The State of Social Advertising

4C Insights released its State of Social Advertising in Q2 2017 report this week and we are pretty excited about the big happenings in the industry right now.

Social media, by nature, is fast-paced and always changing and the 4C report is pretty comprehensive. They used their own portfolio of clients, which totals nearly $2 million in ad spend, to assess social media advertising as a whole. To make it easy for you to get the gist, we rounded up the highlights here.

Facebook still dominates in social advertising.

4C saw social ad spends increase across the board but Facebook continues to receive the bulk of brands’ advertising dollars and sees the most growth. The travel industry increased their spend on Facebook the most in Q2, possibly to capitalize on the summer travel season.

But Instagram isn’t far behind.

Instagram hit 700 million monthly active users in Q2 and that was just one of many major milestones for the social photo sharing app. With new capabilities to reach audiences through locations and hashtags in Instagram Stories and more transparency for influencer marketing, Instagram continues to be a hot spot for advertisers.

Use the data at your fingertips.

One of the biggest perks of social media marketing is the preponderance of data available about audiences, including what they are interested in, what they buy and what they do online. To be successful, advertisers need to make use of that data to identify what their audience does and what its interests are (other than their product). Analyzing the data can help bring down advertising costs and create more insightful and successful advertising campaigns.

Make it video and make it live.

Video, especially live video, is the name of the game right now on all social platforms. It helps brands create up-to-the-minute content and express authenticity.

As we move into Q3, we’re certainly excited to stay on top of these trends for our clients (and blog readers!) Check out more about our services here and read the full 4C report here.

Story by: Kelsey Thompson