The Relationship Series: Brand & Audience Members

Now we get to discuss the most important relationship of all - the very sacred relationship between you (your brand) and your audience. Do you know who they are, where they are, what they like to do and more?

First things first - identify your ideal customer. You won’t get anywhere on social media without knowing who you are speaking to. Write it down, put this ‘ideal customer’ on paper to reference anytime you feel like you’re getting off track - reference it.

Where does your target audience live? Where does he/she shop? What does he/she like to eat, wear, read? Is this person adventurous, fast paced, tech savvy? You can cast a wide net, but it’s important to know the specific person you’re targeting and also how they use social media.

Now you have your target audience narrowed down, bravo! But you can’t stop there. The relationship should be continued and fostered. Responding to questions and ‘liking’ your followers posts is vital. Social media is a customer service tool, just like a hotline, questions and concerns should be addressed within 24 hours.

Like any relationship, you learn and you grow! Listening to your audience could teach you valuable lessons about your product and brand presence as a whole. Don’t miss out!

Story by: Carolyn Whalen