The Reason You May Be Losing Instagram Followers



After working weeks, months, or even years to build an audience on Instagram, losing followers can feel like a huge defeat. And for those of us who post great content, receive high engagement (likes and comments), and feel as though we've found our niche, losing followers feels completely unsubstantiated. So what's exactly is going on? We have a few theories:

It's not you, it's them. | On Instagram, many businesses use the follow-for-follow approach. An account will follow you, at random, in hopes that you'll follow them back. If you decide not to return the favor, they'll unfollow you within a few days. Losing this follower actually isn't a bad thing - they most likely wouldn't have engaged with your account much or genuinely supported your business.

Changing the quality of your content. | The fastest way to lose followers is to no longer create quality posts. Maybe your recent pictures have been blurry, you've been overselling a product, or you've been posting about things outside of your niche. While all seemingly small changes, they can seriously affect your audience. For example: if someone follows you for food pics, and you're suddenly posting about how much you love yoga, that follower may no longer feel a connection to your account. Try to step away and take an objective look at your posts to see if your content has changed recently.

It Takes Two to Tango | When is the last time you blocked off an hour simply to engage with your audience? Do you often forget to respond to your followers' comments? In order to come across as open, approachable, and relatable, you'll need to engage with your audience just as much as they engage with you. Is there someone who always leaves comments on your posts? Head over to their page, like a few of their posts, and make them know they're seen!

Story by: Isabelle Edwards