The #Madness of March

The NCAA March Madness tournament is almost halfway over. We've gone from 64 teams to just 16 left to vie for the title. Tonight as the rest of the teams tip off, check out the board behind the basket: #MARCHMADNESS.


Social media has become a key way of communicating during live events. Join in on the hashtag, search the top posts, and it will be like you're there in the arena or stadium watching it live! Keeping up with the game on social media is fun if you're not watching the game, but even more fun if you're live-tweeting along with it... and you can do that without ruining the integrity of your brand!

As a Gamecock, I was shaking in my boots as the clock wound down against the Duke Blue Devils - and from the looks of my Twitter feed, so were the majority of my friends. However, the tweet of the night didn't come from a college student... it came from the official University of South Carolina account.

That simple tweet put USC on the map - People Magazine, ESPN, Bleacher Report and more were all commenting on the tweet. Better yet, in the 24 hours during and after the exciting win over Duke, the University of South Carolina's tweets earned over 2.5 million completely organic impressions.

So to social media strategists, coordinators, and managers everywhere - don't be afraid to participate in livetweeting events, and don't be afraid to "throw shade" when appropriate! A simple Tweet can go viral, put you on the map, and increase your brand awareness.

Just make sure to keep your voice true to itself, use your hashtags, and interact with the people on your timeline! Happy (Live) Tweeting!

Story By: Tori Moore