The Latest Instagram News: Channels

As we scroll through our Instagram feeds, let's not forget that the future is still video. 

Mashable has discovered a new video "Channels" section located within the app's "Explore" section. An Instagram spokersperson told Mashable "We're always testing new ways to improve the Instagram experience."

Normally, when you enter the Explore page, you're brought to a thumbnail view of  photos and videos that "you might like." There are certain categories that group together certain genres of posts, but not to the extent seen in the new Channels view.

Don't believe it? Don't worry, Mashable has proof, too. We'll let the images speak for themselves. 

What are your thoughts on this transition? Is Instagram making TOO many changes, or are you happy with the results? The jury's still out for the Imagineers. More soon! 

Source: Mashable

Post by Margot Dukes