The Importance of a Collaborative Workspace

Collaboration is not a new concept to the workplace, but it is quickly growing in importance. To say that the workplace has evolved in the last decade is a vast understatement. Social media and a competitive job market are creating a new need to create and thrive in a community. Collaborative workplaces, like the one we operate in at Imagine Media, pave the way for deeper learning and encourage the cultivation of new relationships. 

A typical day at Imagine Media is actually far from typical. As soon as you walk through our office door, you’ll notice that it is one big open space. You will see no cubicles or closed office doors (apart from our conference room), and you’ll see team members sitting or standing in various areas all over the office. The open space encourages community and collaboration. Similar to the openness of our office space, our work is best completed when we collaborate with one another, giving our projects the opportunity to develop naturally. Two heads, or, in our case, thirteen, are far better than one. Our two fantastic co-founders, one photographer, a videographer, a graphic designer, social media coordinators, and a few lucky interns like myself, are what encompass the Imagine team. Each of us holds a different title and separate responsibilities, however we need to work collectively for us to be successful.

This environment that fosters building relationships is exactly the reason why coming to work every day is so interesting. We work in a nonlinear habitat. Every day is different. Each individual brings a different perspective to the table and each is valued. Bright ideas are shared rather than kept to oneself. Truly collaborative communities have the means to create like never before. They are intentional and not contrived; thoughtful, not diplomatic. They are safe places for people to share their talents, ideas, and dreams. Most importantly, they are necessary for creation. 

Although the concept of collaboration in the workplace isn't necessarily new or particularly innovative, the way we use it is how new and innovative ideas are created. We may not be reinventing the wheel, but we are creating a new approach to it. So, if you aren't so lucky as to work in a collaborative work space, that shouldn’t stop you from finding ways to build a community. Reach out, approach others, and share ideas. A willingness to collaborate will only result in growth.

Story By: Jesse Wiley