Why Brand Awareness Ad Campaigns are Important


When advertising on social media, it can be tempting to just create ads that have a sales or conversion objective. While the ultimate goal of advertising on social is to boost these goals, jumping straight into a sales-oriented campaign can limit how many people end up converting, or taking an action you want them to take like making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

While a brand awareness campaign may not seem like the most important campaign to run, beginning your advertising journey with this goal can lead to more long-term success on social.

What is a brand awareness campaign?

These advertisements aren’t designed to send people to your website or to get them to like your page. The idea of a brand awareness campaign is to plant a seed and get the user more aware of who you are.

On social media, you have the freedom to choose your overall campaign objective when creating ads. You can pick from a wide range of options, including awareness, reach, website traffic, engagement and many more. And each objective will measure different kinds of data. 

Ads in a brand awareness campaign specifically focus on reaching as many people as possible and having these people remember your ads after seeing them.

Because of this, ads in brand awareness campaigns usually don’t have a strong call-to-action, if any. A simple description of the company is a good way to start for these kinds of ads. 

Why do I need to start with this? 

There’s a path that people usually follow when they make a purchase. It typically begins with first being exposed to a brand. Then they’ll walk through the other steps of the process: interest, consideration, intent and then, finally, purchase. People typically don’t purchase things after seeing a product or company for the first time. 

Your social ads should follow the same process that the customer takes. Just as people need to be aware of a product before they consider purchasing it, your advertisements should have the objective of awareness before asking them to consider buying from you. The more familiar they are with your brand, the more likely a conversion will happen. 

How long do I need to run a brand awareness campaign before moving on to other objectives? 

To help align your ads with your consumer’s behavior, running your brand awareness campaign for a longer period of time can help you reach more people and make sure there’s a higher chance of people remembering your brand. 

If you’re running ads for a year-long campaign schedule, for example, your brand awareness campaign should run for about two or three months. This schedule sets up a strong foundation for future campaign objectives. 

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Story By: Keagan Ross