The Future of Your Daily Weather Report

The first thing most people do when they get ready to start their day is to check the weather forecast so they can dress accordingly.  With technology these days, options for finding out the weekly forecast are endless. A local meteorologist gives an outlook of the week and several weather apps provide charts and numbers to help indicate what to expect. None of these current available sources, however, really take into account how the weather outside may feel to you. Each person is different and whereas one individual may become chilly once the temperature drops below 75 degrees, another may get too warm. With last week’s launch a new weather app called ‘Sunshine,’ that all is about to change.



With a concept mimicking that of the travel app ‘Waze’, Sunshine crowdsources all of its information to give you updated reports to the second. In hopes of creating a more accurate and reliable weather report with its simplicity, ‘Sunshine’ wants to nix all of the figures and graphs that is difficult for the average user to understand and provide straightforward information.  According to CEO and Cofounder Katerina Stroponiati “Part of the reason weather forecasts are inaccurate and imprecise is the underlying technology. Traditional weather services utilize satellites, expensive weather stations and meteorological radars that are few and far between. This technology often results in misses and these misses have real consequences for millions of people.”

One distinct feature offered by the app is the ability to enter your comfortable temperature range. With the help of other users around you and a barometer sensor in your iPhone, Sunshine can customize a report according to your preferences. You can also favorite all of the places you frequent to get the exact weather condition at each location and the more users there are, the more accurate and reliable the forecasts will be. The company’s motto shows great confidence that this could be the future of weather reports stating “Sunshine is a network of millions of smartphones on the ground, producing results that are on average 3x more accurate. Imagine Sunshine as an investment in the future of weather predictions. The more devices on Sunshine, the better our weather predictions. The potential is unlimited.”