Tips and Tricks: Instagram Promotions


We recently covered types of promotions and how to play by Instagram’s rules when hosting giveaways. One of their rules is that you have to offer eligibility requirements:  here we’ll cover the five types and ways to participate in Instagram contests.

Like to win: For this type of contest, participants like a post to enter. This is the easiest of the five, but it heavily depends on the number of people reached. Be sure to schedule your post at a popular time to get it in front of your audience and make sure to direct followers to it in other posts or through Instagram stories.

Comment to win: To enter, participants comment on a post. This is a popular option for accounts hosting a giveaway. Commenting to enter is usually coupled with having to follow the page as well as tagging to win (see below).

Tag to win: For this entry, participants tag a friend in the comment section of a post to win. This is a perfect time to prompt your participants to share an interesting story, for them to tag their friends, etc. The options are endless. This method of entry can bring a lot of new traffic to your page and widen your exposure.

Repost to win: Participants repost a brands photo on their personal account and use a specific hashtag and/or tag the brand hosting to win. This is a great option to get your product out in front of a new audience.

Photo entries: With this method, participants enter by posting a photo to their personal account and using a hashtag to enter. This is a popular option for user generated content. Prompt participants to get creative when photographing your product or posting to enter.

Each of these methods of entry are just a starting point so you can also combine a couple (like the comment and tag to enter) -- and remember to get creative!

Story By: Tabita Strimbu