The Best of the Best: Our 2015 Social Media Crush

As social media gurus, we are continuously drawing inspiration from others. Looking back on 2015, it was a big year for social media. Forbes recently released their top 3 choices for best social media campaigns for 2015 and we agree! Our top pick and social media campaign crush of 2015 goes to Honest Tea for their #RefreshinglyHonest campaign. 

Honest Tea reached into their social media tool kit and successfully implemented the following 3 tricks:

1. Drew in audiences through social media influencers and popular bloggers. Honest tea had an initial goal of 125,00 actions around their #RefreshinglyHonest hashtag. By tapping into popular social media audiences through influencers, they were able to blow past their goal and reached over 322,000 actions!

2. Actively participated in their hashtag conversation. A call to action on social media is only meaningful if you lead by example. Honest Tea engaged by showing its audience they too are not perfect. It opened the door to the audience feeling comfortable with sharing their own moments of being 'imperfect.' 

3. They made it personal. A feel-good/do-good campaign can be affective if the brand can draw into the personal aspect of social media. Honest Tea asked its audience to post freely and openly on sensitive topics, which successfully built a community around the brand. 

If done well, social media is a tool that can bring positive change to its users. The learn more about Honest Tea's #RefreshinglyHonest campaign click here: 


Written by: Carolyn Whalen