The Art of GIFing

There's no doubt that everyone knows the buzzword millennials. Millennials are changing the marketing world to full immersive digital campaigns. Companies can no longer rely on plain TV advertising, it is all about your brand's persona on all media outlets. GIFs have recently been used by an immense amount of brand's including Fiat, Michelin, and Instagram. 

Instagram's Boomerang feature picked up quickly with the younger demographic creating a fun, innovative way to share short GIF type videos for just one second! Adweek recently published an article on 2018 being the year of the snackable spot. Major companies including Facebook have been in talks for creating the 6 second ad. The article highlights that the 6 second videos will continue to improve their company's persona with a younger demographic. 

The 6 second ad also allows frequency and a true understanding of your audience and the medium. With such little time, a marketer relies on the user to be engaged so that it not only increases the frequency in which the ad is viewed, but also the reach. 


Story By: Reshma Brahmbhatt