The Anatomy of an Instagram post at Imagine Media



Have you ever wondered what goes into a single post at Imagine Media Consulting? We’re letting you in on a little bit of our process by looking at the anatomy of an Instagram post.


It all starts with our on-boarding process where we get to know our clients, their goals, aesthetic and voice. We can meet with them in our office, at a location, and over the phone to get a better idea of their needs and how we can help with them.

Let's get creative

Once on-boarding is complete our creative team gets to work creating mood boards for the client to get a better visual on what their inspiration is and how they want their feed to look. When clients sign on for monthly photo shoots, our photo stylist creates custom shot lists for each photo shoot. Once complete, our clients get to give feedback on shot lists, props, colors, and more. We then make the necessary edits and prep for shoot day.

Photoshoot time

Once the time has come, our creative team works together to make magic happen. Our creative manager, photo stylist, photographer, videographer, and photo assistant all work together to ensure the photoshoot (or video shoot) goes smoothly.

Let's get digital

After our creative team has worked their magic, our account team steps in to create the perfect instagram feed for our clients, posting schedules, and custom hashtags. With all that in place, our copywriter works to bring our client’s voice and message to life by writing captions that engage their target audience. We then send off posts for client feedback and approval.

Time to go live

Following client approval and edits, posts get scheduled and go live! All our hard work behind the scenes comes to life in the form of a post you see on your feed!

Story By: Tabita Strimbu