Tension Between Snapchat and Instagram

Instagram’s story feature might sound a little familiar, because it is very similar to Snapchat stories. There were many speculations about how the release of the Instagram stories would affect snapchat. I can tell you that Snapchat is still strong, but it’s growth rate has decreased since the rise of Instagram stories. The issue for Snapchat is Instagram has a larger following, and it is more familiar to older generations and many businesses. Without some huge factor differentiating Snapchat stories from Instagram stories, people are beginning to just stick with Instagram for all of their story viewing and posting needs. Why create a Snapchat when you can basically do the same thing on your Instagram? 

Instagram also just released filters that were inspired by the much-loved Snapchat filters, taking away yet another one of Snapchat’s differentiating features. Luckily for Snapchat, it’s current loyal followers are staying strong because there is nothing about the Instagram stories that is exciting enough to drag those who already on Snapchat away from the app. In addition to that, Instagram is less experienced in the art of filters, so its filters are more error prone. There have already been complaints about glitches and the filters not being able to follow your face. It sounds to me like there is a competition between the two platforms to come up with something unique enough to pull users away from the other platform, with Snapchat being one step ahead of Instagram.

Instagram releasing its features that were inspired by Snapchat is causing some tension in the social media world, but Instagram CEO argues that that’s just the way businesses work. They saw an opportunity and took it, so we can’t really argue with that. He says that if companies didn’t use each other as inspiration, there would never be any growth (another point that's hard to argue). This is good news for the public because social media outlets are all pushing each other to release cool new features that we all keep benefiting from, so everyone should be happy about that.

Story by: Emma