Talk Emoji To Me

Image courtesy of  emojipedia

Image courtesy of emojipedia

Long gone are the days where :), ;), :P, and >:( were the extent to which you could express emotion over text. June 21, 2016 may have felt just like any other day to you, but I am here to set the record straight. On this glorious day Unicode 9.0 released 72 new emojis. Let me repeat that in case you missed it - 72 new emojis. The possibilities are endless. 

This update covers everything you never knew you needed, like a wilted flower and a stuffed flat bread. It also includes new gender pairings, foods, facial expressions, sports, and much more. While we do have the list of names of the new emojis, their images have not been released yet. However, you will be relieved to know that our friends at emojipedia have created mockups of the new emojis in Apple style, so chances are good that the new emojis will look extremely similar to the following.

When will they become available for you to use? Although a date has not been confirmed, the internet buzz is that Apple will most likely start supporting the new emojis sometime in the iOS 10 cycle. In the meantime, check out a few of my favorites below (hover your mouse over the image for my thoughts and creative tips)! 


Dying to see the rest of the 72 life changing emojis? Click here for the full list and their mock ups. Enjoy! 


Story by: Corinne Orr