Take 5 With Rachel


If you could choose one thing that every company should be doing on social media, what is it and why?

Utilizing video- doesn't matter if it's B2B, B2C, retail, an agency- everyone should be using engaging video content in their social media strategy.

Tell us about the most successful campaign you’ve ever run for a partner.

This wasn’t necessarily a campaign, but when we started posting for Mid-South Roof Systems, their engagement sky-rocketed. We are also doing a "living out our core values" campaign on Facebook that is performing really well.

What’s your go-to strategy if a partner is struggling with reaching their target audience?

Use advertising and target specific audiences based on location or interest, and use lookalike audiences!

Where do most brands get social media wrong?

A common mistake is when brands post just for the sake of posting and don't have a strategy. They think it's not that important, but it's the face of their brand to the audience online.

What is the most important social media update you’ve seen lately?

IGTV in feeds. It has opened a door for brands to tell a longer story on Instagram.