Take 5 With Kat


If you could choose one thing that every company should be doing on social media, what is it and why?

Proactive community management. I think most companies look at community management as a chore rather than the amazing opportunity it is. Use these audience touches as a chance to speak in your brand voice, live your core values and surprise and delight at every opportunity.

Tell us about the most successful campaign you’ve ever run for a partner.

BIOLYTE's "passion" theme for Q1. We focused on the "why" behind the drink. We simplified the Instagram highlights to only show testimonials because BIOLYTE wants their customers to do the talking. We also asked their audience how they use BIOLYTE and we received extremely high engagement and seriously heart-warming answers. This small campaign has shifted their entire social focus from telling people about the brand to listening to their customers.

What’s your go-to strategy if a partner is struggling with reaching their target audience?

I invite the brand to rethink their target audience. It can be hard to separate your current audience/customer from your ideal audience/customer. By focusing on the customers who are the most enjoyable and profitable, you can work smarter rather than harder. I think advertising is a great tool for reaching the right audience. If you aren't able to reach them organically (or manual follow backs, cross-promotions, etc. are too slow), increasing your advertising spend can help bridge the gap.

Where do most brands get social media wrong?

They aren't consistent. Consistency builds brand trust and helps drive conversation with your audience. Instead of biting off more than you can chew (ie: posting 3x a day to 4+ platforms), commit to a posting schedule and social strategy that you can execute consistently.

What is the most important social media update you’ve seen lately?

I'm keeping my eye on Facebook's shift from Reviews to Recommendations. Instead of leaving a "starred" review, Facebook is inviting customers to simply "recommend" or "don't recommend" a business with a thumbs up/down icon. I'm curious how this will play out for brands.