Take 5 With Emily


What is your go-to inspiration account?

Lately I’ve been loving Swell bottle, but I also love Ponce City Market, Citizen Supply, and Tropico Photo.

What avenues do you use to continue to challenge yourself creatively?

Passion/side projects - whether that’s writing or weddings, I always want something to be going on outside of work that challenges me to be more creative at work.

What’s the most creative element you’ve seen produced for a partner at Imagine and why?

I think one of the most creative projects we’ve ever worked on was the James Allen paper cutting project where all of the shots were in paper worlds/environments!

Who is your dream account to innovate and create on behalf of?

I think clothing brands really inspire me like - Free People, Urban Outfitters, Everlane, Madewell etc. I also love Ford Fry restaurants and think that would be a cool thing to tackle with photoshoots.

If I wanted to get engrained in the creative industry in Atlanta, where would I start?

Facet Gallery, Creative Mornings, SCAD, Barb (lol) and our new creative critiques every month at Imagine (Freddy, Barb, Bec and myself have been coming up with monthly prompts and working in whatever medium we want, we get together and critique each others work) - it would be cool if we can open it up to the public as well!