Take 5 With Barb


What is your go-to inspiration account?

One account that wows me every single post is a female videographer who goes by Cache Bunny (@cache_bunny) . I admire her creative mind so much and find her work to be very unique. Cache Bunny's work inspires me to push my limits and not be afraid to get a little crazy especially in post-production.

What avenues do you use to continue to challenge yourself creatively?

I never stop learning. I save any posts or tutorial that catches my eye and revisit it when I find the time to study a new film or edit technique. I try my best to incorporate these techniques into my own style and tweak it for whatever partner I am trying it out for.

What’s the most creative element you’ve seen produced for a partner at Imagine and why?

I would say any of our moving elements for gusto! They're a fun and open partner of ours so we definitely take advantage of that when creating the shot lists for their stop-motions, cinemagraphs and videos. Check out their Instagram page and let us know what you think!

Who is your dream account to innovate and create on behalf of?

It's hard for me to choose one (sorry!). In general, I love creating for any of our professional service partners because I like the idea of testing to see how far we can go with a concept while still staying true to their brand. I always want to think outside the box when it comes to these type of partners and find a way for them to stand out from their competitors.

If I wanted to get engrained in the creative industry in Atlanta, where would I start?

I would recommend reaching out to any of your favorite Atlanta artists whether that's on social media, email or approaching them if you see someone in person. Of course attending any art events is a plus to meet people and share your work. Please don't be afraid to attend one of these events. The creative community here in Atlanta is very supportive of each other which is one of my favorite parts about this city.