Trending Events & Social Strategy

Trending Events & Social Strategy

How can your business use events like the Super bowl, the Golden Globes, and the MET Gala to promote your brand Hint: You don’t need a 30 second TV spot or millions of dollars in your marketing budget. It’s easy to take trending topics and make them relevant to your industry or more importantly make your brand relevant in your industry. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to amplify your content or brand message for the next trending event.

Gearing Up For IGTV


One of the most challenging and exciting aspects of the social media business is staying up to date on the latest trends and newest platforms. When our team gets news of an update, we make sure we include a discussion about it in our weekly meeting. This ensures that we are always at the top of our game, delivering our partners the best services for their industry.

This week our account team will, of course, be discussing IGTV, Instagram’s competitive answer to YouTube. With this new update, Instagram is allowing users to post video content up to an hour long. This is a significant escalation from Instagram’s former 60-second limit on video content. A dedicated IGTV app will also accompany this feature. Given that Instagram recently reached 1 billion monthly users, this new long-form video feature will have a large audience to cater to.

The pressing question within Imagine Media’s walls is how can we put this new tool to use for our partners? To say that our video team is excited would be an understatement. This new feature will no doubt allow for an extended list of video options that we can offer to our partners in order to create a new means of reaching their target audiences.

Stay tuned to Imagine Media’s social channels and learn how we will be implementing IGTV into our social strategy!

Story By: Sophie Duncan

Pinterest Trends We're Loving This Summer


Pinterest has released its top search trends for June, and the results can help drive your following on the platform. As the summer months roll in, the typical searches for BBQ recipes and bikinis are at the top of the list, but there are some more unexpected searches that you should know about if your business is using Pinterest in their social media strategy.

There’s no doubt that summer is a great time to party. From pool parties to baseball tailgates, there’s always a new, creative way to celebrate the warmer weather. However, trending right now on Pinterest are stargazing parties. That’s right! It’s the summer equivalent of a fall backyard bonfire, and we’re loving the cute themes that people are posting on Pinterest.

Tattoos are a huge hit on Pinterest no matter what the season, but this June elegant tattoos, quote tattoos, and coordinate tattoos are getting the most hits. Thinking about getting some ink this summer? Remember that tattoos are permanent, not just for the season!

With great BBQ’s must come an assortment of creative sauce options. If you’re throwing a BBQ bash this summer, be sure to do your Pinterest research for the perfect sauce. Trending right now is, of course, traditional BBQ sauce, but also Cowboy Butter and Boom Boom Sauce! Never heard of them? Learn how to make them and become everyone’s favorite party host.

Frosé is out, and white wine slushies are officially tagged in. Scroll through the collection of recipes for the perfect refreshment to your poolside party!

No summer outfit is complete without a stunning pair of shades. This summer,  according to Pinterest it seems that orange sunglasses are all the rage. They have some tasteful ways to style orange with every summer outfit.

Swim fashion trends are revealing that off the shoulder suits, one-pieces, and plunging necklines are at the top of everyone’s searches right now. Make sure you’re lake or beach ready by checking in to Pinterest's trending styles.

Keeping up with the trends allows you to post content that is in line with what’s popular among your followers. Follow Imagine’s social networks for more social media news.

Story By: Sophie Duncan

Instagram Tells You When "You're All Caught Up"

Instagram Tells You When "You're All Caught Up"

Remember the days before Instagram changed its algorithm and rearranged our feed so that it was no longer in chronological order? Ever since we have lived in a world where there was no way to know if we had seen every new post. However, Instagram is about to restore some of our sanity with a new feature it is in the process of rolling out.

Share Posts to Stories on Instagram

Instagram has officially launched a new feature that enables users to reshare an Instagram post with their friends via Instagram Stories. This will allow users to provide their own feedback or commentary on a post, without having to put the post in their profile's permanent feed.

We’re so excited to see how this feature will be used by audiences to engage with our partners! We can only imagine how useful this will be when announcing items on your Christmas list, sharing with friends a photo of food to entice them to join you at your favorite restaurant, or brag about a professional service you recently used.

To share a post to your Stories, simply tap on the paper airplane icon below the photo, and click “Add post to your story.” You can customize the background color by swiping left and add your own text, stickers, or GIFs.

Once published, the Story will credit the original poster with a link back to their Instagram profile and appear in your Instagram Stories for 24 hours.

Be sure to follow Imagine Media’s Instagram Stories for our weekly Social Studies series that will provide you with any social media news updates you need to hear!

Story By: Sophie Duncan

Reddit Introduces Native Mobile App Ads

Reddit Introduces Native Mobile App Ads

The front page of the internet, aka Reddit, is developing native ads for its popular mobile app. The new ads, called native promoted posts, will launch on iOS on Monday, March 19.

Keeping up With Social Media Trends

Keeping up With Social Media Trends

Social media changes by the second. There are new platforms arising, endless updates and constant features being unveiled daily. It is easy to fall behind in this fast-paced environment, but thankfully there are endless resources that your brand can take advantage of so that you can remain competitive.