ImagiNation with Mikhaela Pozhoga Slavik

ImagiNation with Mikhaela Pozhoga Slavik

Mikhaela started out exploring photography in a non-traditional high school, where she took college-like courses, focused on her desired career path. She went on to study photography at Boston University, a branch in Washington, DC. Mikhaela has been in the industry for 10 years and worked with magazines, weddings, real estate and many major corporate events.

Focus Feature Comes to Instagram

Instagram users got an exciting surprise this week when the social media platform rolled out a new focus feature. For anyone who had serious envy of Apple’s portrait mode, this new option in Instagram Stories is sure to spark your interest! Users can now get the look of a professional photo within Stories section of the app.

You can find Focus next to familiar effects such as Boomerang and Superzoom. This feature will keep the subject’s face in focus while blurring the background behind it. This depth effect can be used on both the back and front camera, so prepare to up your selfie game!

We can’t wait to put this feature to use in our Instagram Stories! To use the Focus feature, head over to Stories and swipe to the Focus option. A prompt will appear asking you to “Find a face” and you’ll see your subject come into focus as the background blurs behind it.

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Story By: Sophie Duncan