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How to Choose Your Instagram Advertising Placements

How to Choose Your Instagram Advertising Placements

According to Instagram, Stories attract more 300 million daily active users and, on top of that, they capture the full undivided attention of users as they view. However, users also discover new products and information and share their passions and interests in the Instagram Feed. So, how do advertisers choose where to place ads on Instagram?

Diving into the Differences of Instagram Stories vs. Instagram Posts in the Feed


As if the altering of the Instagram algorithm wasn’t enough, we must grasp the ever-changing concept of Instagram stories. Since the release of Instagram stories in August 2016, businesses have seen a positive return from utilizing this tool. Some of us on the other hand simply want to know, what is the difference between Instagram stories and Instagram posts in the feed? Keep reading to decipher the difference and determine if it could be better for your page.

A unique concept of Instagram stories is that it allows your followers to see images and footage that may not make it to your feed often. This is a perspective that viewers love to see because it provides a sense of transparency for viewers. We often feature behind-the-scenes footage or Boomerangs (a moving picture or GIF), here at IMC, when we go on a photo or video shoot for our partners. This creates excitement and increases engagement on your page, which drives brand awareness.

With Instagram stories, there is no need to provide an extensive chunk of text or captions, because of the amount of time it lasts. If you plan your stories out correctly, you will need very minimal text to drive a message. If the viewer has to back tap or pause the story in order to read the text it may be too wordy. Try keeping the words in the story between 5-15 words per image or video.

One of the most obvious differences of posting on your Instagram story, compared to your actual Instagram feed is that you are posting a compelling story every time you post. You don’t have to do everything by the book when posting on Instagram stories, but you should ensure that there is a natural flow when going to the next story and that it is beneficial. Say for instance there is an event occurring that day and you want to feature it on your page, but you are unsure of how to integrate it into the flow of your feed. Instagram stories are the perfect tool to include this content. 

If you find that your viewership decreases further down your story, try creating a storyboard or mood board to plan out your story. This is a great way to strategize your story prior rot posting to continue enticing your audience. If your Instagram story shares a timeline or narrative it'll encourage your viewers to stay tuned.

Story By: Daija McElwee

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