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Tips and Tricks: How To Work a Creative Process


I’ve been told that being a creative isn’t a job or a personality trait, but a way you live your life. I believe that’s true for any creative field whether it’s art, dance, photography – anything. At Imagine Media, we have our own in-house creative team and they produce all our partners’ creative content. We have a photographer, videographer, graphics editor, photo stylist and creative manager. Being a social media marketing company, Imagine works with dozens of clients with all kinds of different target audiences and unique brand personalities. Here are some helpful tips and tricks we use when approaching a creative process for specific brands.

1. Research. Research. Research.

One of the most important aspects of any creative field is to do your research. Whether you’re still learning your craft, learning a new technique, or working specifically with a brand, you want to know more about what you’re trying to produce and the best way to do that. Learning about a brand’s voice is a great place to start your research.

2. Make a mood board

Making a mood board is a great way to get an overall image and aesthetic for the project you’re working on. When you look around for inspiration and pull words or images that you like or inspire you, you get a better overall idea of what you’re going for and how you want your final product to look.

3. Fail fast

As Seth Godin says in his book, “fail fast.” Get an opinion, and then get more opinions. Look for criticism and try everything. Everyone fails, especially creatives. Moving as fast as you can and getting through your failures will help you learn faster, and the better your content will become.

4. Give them something to kill

Some of the best creative advice I’ve received about presenting your ideas is give them a concept to shoot down. When communicating with people who are focused on building their brand and not specifically in creative work, they are likely to turn down a lot of ideas in hopes of building the brand in their vision. Sometimes presenting what a brand doesn’t want can help clarify what they do want. When presenting content to them, bring your best ideas forward, but also throw in a few for them to turn down, because they inevitably will. 

5. Trust your content

The second-best piece of creative advice I’ve received is to trust your content. A brand hired you for a reason – they like your work! Walk into every creative situation with confidence. The brand knows that you produce great work, and you should believe it too!

Story by: Amanda Carneglia

New Partner: Rugged Road Outdoors

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Whether you love fishing, hiking or anything to give you the chance to enjoy nature, Rugged Road Outdoors is your new shop for performance apparel. We’re excited to welcome our newest partner, Rugged Road, to the Imagine Media Family!

Henry and Spencer, the co-founders of Rugged Road Outdoors, have spent endless amounts of time outside. Through all their experience, they saw a need for improvement in the products that are currently available to the outdoor community with higher caliber at a more affordable price. Through their shop, these men aim to be there providing premium quality gear at a price that all outdoor enthusiasts can afford.

Imagine Media can’t wait to work alongside Rugged Road Outdoors. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram as we spread the word about our new favorite spot to get all of our outdoor performance apparel.

Story By: Amanda Carneglia

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