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Instagram Best Practices: Food + Beverage Industry


Over time, Instagram has become an increasingly important platform for the food and beverage industry. Think about it, food is constantly being shared via Instagram. At least once a day you will see food appear on your feed or in your stories. Not only that, but when searching for a place to eat, Instagram has become an important way to find the best place to go. People will look at photos on a restaurants social media channel to learn more about the food and atmosphere. With all of that being said, Instagram is an important tool that should be leveraged by the food and beverage industry. Social platforms allow a business to share daily specials, events, and interact with their followers. For the food and beverage industry, this is becoming a key way to market to their target audience and bring in customers. Below we have listed best practices for Instagram when it comes to the food and beverage industry:

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Story by: Hannah Lagod

Social Media Best Practices: Food + Beverage Industry

Social Media Best Practices: Food + Beverage Industry

According to Hootsuite, 80% of the Food and Beverage Industry uses social media instead of traditional marketing to nurture leads, improve ROI, and stay in the know about customers- and competitors.
If you can create an emotional connection to your food, drinks, or ambiance, you will not only gain new customers, but you will retain them.