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Facebook Cleans Up With AI

Facebook Cleans Up With AI

Given the scandals of the recent security breaches within Facebook, most users would believe that Facebook’s efforts to control their fake news and scandals are not enough to control the controversy. Given recent reports from three different sources, Facebook’s efforts to control and limit the spread of false news reports are actually working.

Facebook Dating Feature


Step aside, Bumble, Facebook Dating is coming to the scene. Although Facebook does not plan to launch a standalone app, the feature will exist within Facebook’s app. The dating feature will be for intentional relationships, not just one night stands.

With privacy being a continued concern, Facebook Dating users won’t have to worry about their love life being displayed in their news feed. The interactions will not be shared, and only those who have the feature turned on will be able to find you.

Facebook Dating hasn’t hit public accounts yet and the team is internally testing it (but not actually dating their coworkers). Keep an eye on our blog to see when the feature hits public accounts!

Story By: Sophie Duncan

Will Facebook Ads be able to Predict the Future?

Will Facebook Ads be able to Predict the Future?

Yes, you read that correctly. Despite the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is developing a new ad targeting option which would enable brands to target users based on predicted actions. Meaning, you could receive a Facebook advertisement based on things you haven't done yet. 

Facebook Testing Voice Clip Status Updates

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Facebook is testing Voice Clips as a medium for a status update. The company is rolling out this feature as a trial to a small percentage of users in India.

To post a voice clip, users can record their voice and preview the clip before posting (but aren’t able to edit it). You can share the clip to your News Feed where your following will be able to hear it.

Facebook believes that sharing content through voice updates is more personal than a text status and less complicated than recording a video. The feature may also be helpful for language barriers on devices.

The social media platform is trying to stay innovative in order to not fall behind amidst competing platforms, and this new feature may serve as a new way for users to express themselves. Given the popularity of podcasts, it will be interesting to see how this new status update option will perform.

It’s not yet known when this feature will be introduced to the rest of the world, but Imagine’s social team will be watching for the rollout to happen.

Story By: Sophie Duncan