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Facebook to Introduce Video Premiere Feature

Facebook is introducing a new option for publishing videos that will allow users to post a pre-recorded video in a format similar to Facebook Live. The new feature will be titled “Premieres” and videos such as movie trailers, Facebook Watch shows, or other content will be tagged as a premiere. Facebook users will have the opportunity to engage with the content in real time, similar to how they do now with content that is delivered in the existing Live feature.

The goal of Premieres is to imitate the valuable communal-viewing experience that Facebook Live already encourages with pre-recorded videos. This new way to publish video will allow the users to react and interact through chat about the content as it’s being released in actual time.

The feature is currently being tested among a hand-picked group of video creatives and will be introduced to the general public in due course. We’re excited to discover how this update could help us continue to connect with audiences through social media!

Story By: Sophie Duncan