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5 Ways we Use Google Sheets to Keep Our Business Thriving

A lot of what we do is creating content and posting for our partners on their various social media pages, but we also have a multitude of things that happen behind the scenes that help foster our relationships. We keep a detailed log of month-to-month impressions, engagements, clicks to the website, and follower growth. Thanks to Google Sheets helps us keep track of all this data and is extremely helpful to us, here at Imagine Media Consulting. Check out these five ways we use this:

Reference to Previous Quarters (Months)

Four times out of the year, we provide Quarterly Strategy Reports or QTR’s for our clients. When creating this document, we reference previous months, often so that it is easier to glance at the data. Luckily, with the help of Google Sheets we are able to have all of this information in one spreadsheet where our partners can reference this at any time!

Mimics Microsoft Excel Functionalities

If you are an avid Microsoft Excel fan, then you will love Google Sheets just as much. Many of the same formulas and links used in Excel can be used for Sheets, as well. This eliminates many of the miniscule math that is often done to when using these platforms.

Shared Documents Over the Cloud

The days of emailing improvised documents back to the sender and downloading them into Microsoft Word are long gone. Google Sheets allows us to use wireless functionality and a cloud-based software to automatically share documents with participants with the link or publicly for everyone to see.

The 'Automatic Save Function', Saves Virtual Lives

'All Changes Saved in Drive'.JPG

I’m sure that all of us can attest to that one time where our computer shut off or closed out of a document without saving and you sat there in awe for at least 20 minutes, thinking how will you make it through the night. Google Drive’s ‘Automatic Save’ function eliminates the stress of this ever happening again! In the Drive, Google automatically saves every change and adjusts to whatever it is that you’re working on to avoid these meltdowns.

Simultaneous Collaboration

Lastly, collaboration has been made that much easier with Google Drive. It allows multiple to be on one document at the same time with multiple other people, which makes meeting virtually that much easier. You can see all the changes that have been made to a document while also suggesting changes to be made in real time.

Have other Google Sheets ideas? Feel free to share the knowledge in our comments section below!

Story By: Daija McElwee