Shoppable Instagram

Shoppable Instagram

With our world becoming more digital every day, we see every platform increase their engagement with their viewers. Instagram, in particular, has been an avid social media app that is dedicated to creating new tools and features to increase engagement..

Instagram Introduces Native Payments Feature


Impulse buyers beware because our bank accounts are in trouble! Instagram subtly rolled out a native payments feature in the app for a select group of users. Similar to Apple pay, you can now register your card within the app and, by using a security pin, make purchases within Instagram.

We are so excited about what this feature will mean for the future of our partners’ business leads within Instagram. The fact that they are eliminating the need to leave the app and enter payment information will without a doubt make Instagram a huge platform for business transactions. We foresee that Instagram advertising will be more valuable than ever. 

Targeted advertising already produces many website leads, and now that users don't have to be inconvenienced by even leaving the app, this new feature is sure to boost sales!

Story By: Sophie Duncan