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Gearing Up For IGTV


One of the most challenging and exciting aspects of the social media business is staying up to date on the latest trends and newest platforms. When our team gets news of an update, we make sure we include a discussion about it in our weekly meeting. This ensures that we are always at the top of our game, delivering our partners the best services for their industry.

This week our account team will, of course, be discussing IGTV, Instagram’s competitive answer to YouTube. With this new update, Instagram is allowing users to post video content up to an hour long. This is a significant escalation from Instagram’s former 60-second limit on video content. A dedicated IGTV app will also accompany this feature. Given that Instagram recently reached 1 billion monthly users, this new long-form video feature will have a large audience to cater to.

The pressing question within Imagine Media’s walls is how can we put this new tool to use for our partners? To say that our video team is excited would be an understatement. This new feature will no doubt allow for an extended list of video options that we can offer to our partners in order to create a new means of reaching their target audiences.

Stay tuned to Imagine Media’s social channels and learn how we will be implementing IGTV into our social strategy!

Story By: Sophie Duncan

Imagine Recap: Last Week in Social Media News

Imagine Recap: Last Week in Social Media News

The top stories is social media last week.

Imagine Media Recap: Last Week in Social Media News

Imagine Media Recap: Last Week in Social Media News

The top stories in social media last week.

Instagram Introduces Native Payments Feature


Impulse buyers beware because our bank accounts are in trouble! Instagram subtly rolled out a native payments feature in the app for a select group of users. Similar to Apple pay, you can now register your card within the app and, by using a security pin, make purchases within Instagram.

We are so excited about what this feature will mean for the future of our partners’ business leads within Instagram. The fact that they are eliminating the need to leave the app and enter payment information will without a doubt make Instagram a huge platform for business transactions. We foresee that Instagram advertising will be more valuable than ever. 

Targeted advertising already produces many website leads, and now that users don't have to be inconvenienced by even leaving the app, this new feature is sure to boost sales!

Story By: Sophie Duncan