Instagram Rolls Out Scannable Name Tags & More

Instagram Rolls Out Scannable Name Tags & More

You might have noticed that Instagram’s newest name tags feature looks familiar. Instagram has rolled out scannable name tags making following new accounts that much easier. That’s right, these scannable name tags have already been utilized by Snapchat for some time.

Shoppable Instagram

Shoppable Instagram

With our world becoming more digital every day, we see every platform increase their engagement with their viewers. Instagram, in particular, has been an avid social media app that is dedicated to creating new tools and features to increase engagement..

Instagram Best Practices: Lifestyle Industry


When it comes to Instagram, there are a lot of things people assume every person needs to have a successful reach. Aesthetic, good photos, personality, and so on. Instagram has become increasingly important for brands to reach an audience, especially brands that fall into the lifestyle category. People now use Instagram for jewelry inspiration, shopping research, and for places to buy lifestyle pieces. Not only that but now people share photos daily and tag friends in accounts for products they like or tag boyfriends to drop hints. Instagram is very quickly becoming a major outlet to reach a target audience. Here are a few quick tips to create a great Instagram feed for lifestyle products:

1. Aesthetic

As many already know, Aesthetic is everything on Instagram. It’s important to hone in on an aesthetic that makes your brand unique and lines up with their style of product. Sticking to brand colors and specific styles of photos should help create a cohesive look, and attract more followers to your page. At Imagine, we use a top 9 grid to create and keep an aesthetic for partners.

2. High-quality photos

The aesthetic of your Instagram account is important, but even cohesive content loses its luster if a photo isn’t high quality. High quality and professional photos consistently get more impressions and shares than lower quality photos. If you can see a sparkle in a diamond or all the details of an intricate dress design, it creates a more luxurious look not only to your account but to the product as well.

3. Models>Objects

Using a model in some photos, if not all, is a better practice for lifestyle Instagram pages. It reminds the viewer that there are people on the other side of the screen, not a catalog trying to sell them something. Putting human features in your photos gives an audience a feeling of personality, and feels more like a conversation rather than a sale scheme.

4. Communication

When people comment all the time “love” “beautiful” “the right one is my favorite” – show these people some love! As brands, you feel excited when people love your work, so you might as well tell them. It makes people more likely to want to interact with your brand more and replying in specific ways can help create a stronger brand voice. Communicating with people directly on Instagram can also help people figure out how and where to buy your products.

Story by: Amanda Carneglia

How to Choose Your Instagram Advertising Placements

How to Choose Your Instagram Advertising Placements

According to Instagram, Stories attract more 300 million daily active users and, on top of that, they capture the full undivided attention of users as they view. However, users also discover new products and information and share their passions and interests in the Instagram Feed. So, how do advertisers choose where to place ads on Instagram?

A Social Media Shift You Should Keep An Eye On


Facebook has always reigned king-of-the-social-media-world. For a long time, Facebook has been the leading social media platform among teens. This generation was so attracted to the platform because it provides an easy way to connect with friends, create events, and find out information on businesses or celebrities. In 2014-2015, the PEW Research Center reported that 71% of teens used Facebook and no other platform was even close to that statistic. However, in the last 10 years, many new social media platforms have been released such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. The introduction of these has created a major shift in the use of social media.

Recently, PEW reported that now only 51% of teens use Facebook regularly. YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat have officially outgrown Facebook and it looks like over time teen Facebook users are going to continue declining. With the increase in smartphones, 45% of teens feel the constant need to be online. These platforms fit the needs of teens now more than ever. Social media is constantly evolving, which makes it vital to know which platforms are best for your audience.

So you may be wondering how this may affect your business practices on social media? If your current target audience includes teens ages 13-18 you may want to shift your focus. Instead of concentrating a lot of your ad spend or posts on Facebook, it may be wise to move to Instagram.

It's important to note that even though Facebook is declining for teens, it has not for adults. However, there are predictions that eventually it will start declining for people in their 20's. Knowing where your target audience is spending a lot of their time is key to marketing your business or product. This important change should be noted because it may affect your social media strategy moving forward. As time goes on, you will want to keep an eye on this because it is only going to evolve more!

Keep up with Imagine Media for all upcoming social media news!

Story By: Hannah Lagod



Instagram To Introduce Mute Feature in Feed


Good news is on the way for Instagram users who wish they could temporarily mute some of their friends’ posts. Instagram has announced they will be introducing a feature that will allow users to select which of the profiles they follow will actually show up in their feeds, without actually unfollowing anyone.

Following Facebook’s example who have had an option similar to this for years, muting someone's posts on Instagram will not let the other user know that you opted out of their posts.

This new feature will hopefully help users to avoid social drama or losing followers if they want to avoid seeing profiles that post too frequently, or post content that they simply are not interested in or do not want to see.

When the mute feature officially hits accounts in the upcoming weeks, to access it you’ll simply click on the ellipsis in the top right of the photo. This will give you the option to mute or unfollow the profile.

Once you’ve muted a user, you’ll still be able to visit their profile and see their posts at your own leisure, but the posts will not appear in your newsfeed.

What do you think of this new Instagram feature? Let us know and keep up with Imagine Media for more social media news.

Story By: Sophie Duncan

Imagine Media Recap: Last Week in Social Media News

Imagine Media Recap: Last Week in Social Media News

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Imagine Recap: Last Week in Social Media News

Imagine Recap: Last Week in Social Media News

The top stories in social media last week