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Tips and Tricks: How To Work a Creative Process


I’ve been told that being a creative isn’t a job or a personality trait, but a way you live your life. I believe that’s true for any creative field whether it’s art, dance, photography – anything. At Imagine Media, we have our own in-house creative team and they produce all our partners’ creative content. We have a photographer, videographer, graphics editor, photo stylist and creative manager. Being a social media marketing company, Imagine works with dozens of clients with all kinds of different target audiences and unique brand personalities. Here are some helpful tips and tricks we use when approaching a creative process for specific brands.

1. Research. Research. Research.

One of the most important aspects of any creative field is to do your research. Whether you’re still learning your craft, learning a new technique, or working specifically with a brand, you want to know more about what you’re trying to produce and the best way to do that. Learning about a brand’s voice is a great place to start your research.

2. Make a mood board

Making a mood board is a great way to get an overall image and aesthetic for the project you’re working on. When you look around for inspiration and pull words or images that you like or inspire you, you get a better overall idea of what you’re going for and how you want your final product to look.

3. Fail fast

As Seth Godin says in his book, “fail fast.” Get an opinion, and then get more opinions. Look for criticism and try everything. Everyone fails, especially creatives. Moving as fast as you can and getting through your failures will help you learn faster, and the better your content will become.

4. Give them something to kill

Some of the best creative advice I’ve received about presenting your ideas is give them a concept to shoot down. When communicating with people who are focused on building their brand and not specifically in creative work, they are likely to turn down a lot of ideas in hopes of building the brand in their vision. Sometimes presenting what a brand doesn’t want can help clarify what they do want. When presenting content to them, bring your best ideas forward, but also throw in a few for them to turn down, because they inevitably will. 

5. Trust your content

The second-best piece of creative advice I’ve received is to trust your content. A brand hired you for a reason – they like your work! Walk into every creative situation with confidence. The brand knows that you produce great work, and you should believe it too!

Story by: Amanda Carneglia

Tips and Tricks: How To Create a Great Brand Voice


Everything you put out into the world from your brand’s social media builds the personality of your company – that is your brand's voice! Creating a brand voice is imperative because a it helps solidify the purpose and motivation behind a business. It’s how you connect with your audience and keep them coming back to you. Here are some tips on how to guarantee you get your brand voice across in the way you want.

1. Create the character for your brand

It is essential to know your brand inside and out to create a good brand voice. You need find out its personality - funny, quirky, professional, matter-of-fact. This choice will depend on how you want an audience to perceive your brand. An easy way to start is by choosing a few adjectives to describe what your brand is, and what your brand is not. Be as specific as you can. Examples include: confident but humble, social but not boisterous, clever but not sarcastic. Essentially, you are building who you are as a brand and giving viewers a reason that sets you apart from the competition. In short: define your voice, then keep it consistent.

2. Know your target audience

This one seems fairly simple, but it is something easily overlooked. You need to understand your target audience, who you are trying to reach and what they care about. Speak in way that is relevant to them, and in ways they want to receive the information. For example, would it be more effective to reach someone in your target via a native advertising article or a short funny clip?

3. Be authentic

While it is important to strategize in creating your brand voice, be careful that you do not sacrifice authenticity. Though using other brands as inspiration for creating your own in the beginning can be a great jumping off point, you do not want to be something you are not. If you lose what makes you unique, it comes off as fake or trying too hard to an audience and it will show through. You want to give an audience a personal look at your brand, and being fake or unauthentic will not get you the audience you want. Every brand should be willing to open up and relax. Regardless of what your brand voice is, authenticity is key.

4. Evolve

The final important part of brand voice is to just keep moving forward. If you do not get a solid brand voice right away, that’s okay, just keep trying until you figure out what you are going for. Brand voice is like language, it is fluid. It changes and adapts at every stage of a brand’s life cycle. Because our world is ever-changing, as a brand you need to be adaptable and be a lifelong-learner. Ultimately, never be “finished” creating your brand voice.

Story by: Amanda Carneglia


Meet Amanda


Meet Amanda – Mandy for short, comes to us from The University of Georgia studying Advertising with a Studio Art minor. She attended UGA with the intention of following her passion for creative work and business marketing, trying to find a way to combine them. Born and raised in Marietta, this suburban native dreams of working in the big peach city of ATL for an amazing company like Imagine Media.

She loves staying busy by being involved at her work place in Athens, having a full schedule of classes, or creating work in the art studio. She has an adventurous spirit and loves trying new things! When not working, you can find her traveling constantly with friends to see live shows or to attend music festivals. She also loves hiking, eating out with friends, or making creative graphics for every occasion.

Mandy looks forward to meeting creative and hard-working people like the amazing team at Imagine Media. She values those who are innovative, supportive, and have a free spirit.

Meet Katherine


Meet Katherine, our Social Media intern! She is a senior Public Relations major with a minor in Fashion Merchandise at The University of Georgia (go dawgs!). She is excited to grow here at Imagine Media as an intern.

After growing up in Madison, Ga and going to school in Athens, Ga she was eager to take an internship in Atlanta. She loves what Imagine Media is all about and the small business feel they give off. She knew the corporate world wasn’t for her and was pleased to find a firm like Imagine Media. Relationships are very important to her and that’s one reason Imagine Media stood out from all the others.

She is excited to establish herself this summer and grow as a marketer in the social media world. She knew she would love it here at Imagine Media and plans to thrive in such a freely and creative space with amazing people to look up to.

When Katherine has free time you can find her at the lake, shopping, traveling, or eating Mexican food with her family & friends. She believes that those who smile each day can truly change the world and make it a better place.

During her time here at Imagine Media she hopes to learn a lot while gaining relationships that will last a life time. She admires all people and loves to meet those from all different backgrounds. She is ready to hit the ground running and make an impact here at Imagine Media as a summer intern!

Meet Anna Kate


Meet Anna Kate, our Social Media Intern!

Anna Kate is a junior at the University of Georgia and has loved being a dawg. She’s pursuing an advertising major with the hopes of combining her passions with a big girl job!

Looking to get her foot in the door at her first internship, Anna Kate knew she needed to find a company that didn’t expect her to know it all, allowed her to work on a collaborative team, and would avoid a cubicle at all costs! She found Imagine Media and is thrilled to be spending her summer working with the team and other ambassadors.

When she’s not at school or in the office, you can find her at Barnes & Noble picking up some new reads (not on the e-book trend yet!), listening to podcasts, getting her step count up, or planning for her next trip.

Throughout the summer, Anna Kate hopes to immerse herself in being an intern, build relationships with the team and other ambassadors, and master parallel parking outside the office.

Meet Emily!


We’re so excited to introduce Emily, our Photo Stylist. She’s an idealist, doodler and sometimes a designer too. She believes in grand romantic gestures and writing feelings down in pen. She has a heart for finding beauty in the mundane and a passion to create stories visually.

She first found her love for all things creative in high school sharpie doodles and yearbook InDesign spreads. She recently graduated from SCAD earning a degree in Branded Entertainment with a concentration in Film. Emily’s a Florida Orange turned Georgia Peach and for the last three years, she’s been learning how to adapt to Atlanta traffic and snow patterns.

Emily first joined the team as an Imagine Media Ambassador and worked for us part-time on graphics projects while she finished her education. When she’s not in the office she’s capturing video of the things she loves, dreaming up a personal project or visiting her teenage angst through a throwback playlist.

Keep an eye out for Emily’s beautiful styling skills on our Instagram!