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Instagram's New Branded Content Tools

Instagram's New Branded Content Tools

Instagram is a powerful platform that allows businesses to build relationships with their customers. One influential way for a business to create brand awareness on social media is to leverage partnerships with influencers. Branded content campaigns from these partnerships allow for users to hear about products from the influencers they already follow and trust. Recently, Instagram expanded their branded content tools for businesses, and here’s what you need to know…

The Importance of a Content Calendar

The Importance of a Content Calendar

Mindlessly posting content can raise brand awareness, but it is important to go one step further to decipher what story you are trying to tell. A simple (and fun) way to ensure that you are posting purposeful content is to create a content calendar.

Your Initial Social Media Advertising Questions, Answered

Your Initial Social Media Advertising Questions, Answered

Thinking about diving into advertising on social media? Here are the answers to the big questions you might have before starting.

Content Creation for Dummies: 5 Tips for Story Telling Success

“Content Creation” can be a daunting term for business owners and Social Media Managers alike. Simply put, just being on Social Media won’t cut it, and the Brands who are excelling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest aren’t just sharing information, they’re sharing stories. You’re in luck, because the seasoned story tellers at Imagine Media have some top tips to utilize for the next time you’re stuck on a post or campaign.

1.     Revisit Your Mission

One of the most important lessons there is to know about Social Media is that every post matters, and on top of that, every single post should relate back to your mission, vision, and overall brand. Are you a company that sells a product for a greater good? Most likely, yes. Hone into what that greater good is, and dive deep into what your company stands for, and how you got there. You’ll be surprised how the words start spilling out once drive and passion is backing every post.

2.     Spotlight Your Team

Simply put, your Social Media audience is nosy. Our quick tip? Give them what they want! You will notice a HUGE spike in engagement once you start telling the story of the people behind your brand. Spotlight day to day office events, team outings, and team members separately so that you can tell a story about culture. The more your audience feels connected to the people, places and things that make your brand what it is, the more willing they will be to buy in the longrun.

3. Make it Worth Reading

Trolling the internet for articles that relate to your company is a good first start, but don’t let this tactic become a static habit, and make it into more. Another wonderful piece of advice is to imagine a single, human persona reading everything that you put out. This persona should be the personification of your entire target market. Would they want to share this article with their friends? Are they being educated? If the answer is yes, and you can prove it, then you’re #winning.

4.     Pop Culture is Everything

Relating your brand to trending topics is the key to catapult you to the top, and here’s a secret, it’s really easy. We understand, you are busy, we all are! But, if you can spend time each day to explore what people are talking about and how your brand’s story can relate, you’re on the fast track to Content Creating Success.

5.     Utilize Tools

One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of a successful story telling campaign is time. As Social Media Managers, we have to learn how to quickly and efficiently utilize the time that we have. Here are our favorites that we highly suggest:

-       Buffer for Content Creation

-       Canva for Graphics

-       Sprout Social for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Scheduling

-       Tailwind for Pinterest Strategic Posting and Scheduling

-       Schedu.gram for Instagram planning and posting

Now that you’re equipped, go tell your story!

Post by Margot Dukes