Tips and Tricks: Interior Design for Social Media


Ever look at peoples homes on Instagram and wonder how they create such intimate, enviable spaces?  We have a couple hacks, anyone can pull off for the perfect social media pad pic.

1. Collect, don't rush.

When you admire pictures in a magazine and on social media, the rooms typically jump off the page or screen because you feel like you know the person who resides in the space.  Collections of beautiful objects and items you absolutely love will layer and transition your home into a space with personality and warmth. Adapt a Marie Kondo frame of mind, everything you spend your hard earned money on needs to bring you joy.  

2. Flowers + Plants

This one is self-explanatory. Plants breathe life into spaces, a vase of flowers can completely transform a bedside table. While I would love to subscribe to a weekly flower delivery service, it's not exactly in the budget when there are flowers to forage in your backyard.

3. Clean, Clutter-Free 

Clutter done right is pretty hard to do.  As a collector of things, I struggle with this one.  Removing all the excess and creating a more simple aesthetic will photographs beautifully.  Sometimes less is more, and in this scenario it rings pretty true.  

Story By: Jessie Matakis