Facebook Marketplace

Who doesn’t love Facebook yard sale pages?! For years Facebook has been used as a tool to connect people. Recently it has become a tool to connect sellers to buyers and buyers to sellers. Because of this rapid trend, Facebook has innovated and created Facebook Marketplace. Marketplace will serve as a selling platform for you and your neighbors. Connecting people through their current location you will be able to search items and find local sellers. Facebook doesn’t facilitate the payment or delivery of your marketplace purchases, rather helps you find items you want or sell the items you no longer need.  



Facebook is taking something people have already been doing and making it safer and easier. Now people are joining Facebook to stay connected, connect, buy and sell and more. Facebook is the place where everyone goes, which means this will be a great selling point for Facebook advertisers. Removing the messenger icon and replacing it with Marketplace will score any advertiser a key placement on Facebook’s app. Goldberg says, “This Marketplace is a perfect opportunity to build audiences you can sell to advertisers”. Marketplace is a great way for your business to be seen and heard. Not only can you buy advertisement space but as a retailer you could sell on Facebook Marketplace.



The Imagine Media team is already working on ways to help our clients connect and build relationships on Marketplace. We suggest you stay ahead of the curve and do the same with your business!