Imagineer Recap: Summer Fridays

What if you got to choose your reward for achieving a company goal? Well, that’s what the Imagineers did during quarter 2. If we hit our quarterly goal, we got to choose our own reward as a team. We put our heads together and settled on Summer Fridays: If we succeeded, we’d get every Friday off in July and August. And we did!

While we still had to complete our traditional weekly responsibilities and still prioritize our partnerships, we were able to enjoy Fridays at home, exploring Atlanta or traveling to somewhere new! It was definitely a game-changer to have three-day weekends. Take a look at the highlights.

Summer Fridays, I feel, gave me enough time to slow down AND get things done — whether it was a new adventure or some errands I’d been putting off. And when Sunday came around, I wasn’t wishing the weekend was longer. I looked forward to getting back to work. My biggest adventure was hiking and biking (and eating) through Vancouver, Canada.
— Kris
This summer was unforgettable — I will always remember being able to take Fridays to help my husband renovate his new inn, and having the flexibility with work fell in just the right time. So happy that we were all able to take the time to work on passion projects!
— Margot
I loved our Summer Fridays and found the shift in the workflow during the week was a driving factor that made me work more efficiently. I tried to take advantage of the three-day weekends by traveling to Florida, North Carolina and New York! My dog also couldn’t believe his luck on the days I was at home for an extra day!
— Sophie
Having the chance to have an extra day of the week during the summer meant so much more time with Louise, painting, and enjoying the outdoors! Loved every minute!
— Becca
It was honestly a blessing to get things done that I couldn’t do during the week normally, like appointments, shopping, etc. It also made the weekend so much longer and made me think more about how I can be more adventurous and step outside of my comfort zone more
— Rachel
Having the extra day allowed me to take a deep breath and enjoy the little and big things more, like going on a morning run and going on weekend beach trips!
— Abbey
Summer Fridays were a fun challenge and an amazing reward. Loved having an extra day for self-care doing things like yoga, organizing my life, wedding planning, and visiting friends and family. Will always be grateful for the Summer of 2019!
— Maire

Story By: Sophie Duncan