Marketing Plan vs Marketing Campaign

The term "campaign" can get throw around in the marketing industry. Some people may mistake a marketing campaign for a marketing plan, but do you understand the difference? We break down the process of developing and executing a strong  marketing campaign for you and your audience.

A marketing plan provides the overall, high level strategy based on the brand's objectives over a period of time. A marketing campaign is a focused, tactical initiative to achieve a specific marketing goal.

Like a marketing plan, campaigns require careful planning so that every step of the process is understood before it is launched Because a campaign is tactical and project based, you need to map out the process from the initial promotional tactic to the ultimate outcome. Ask yourself these questions when developing the concept of the campaign and it can lead to a smooth execution. 

  1. Pick your target audience: Who are you interested in attracting?
  2. Set your goals and KPIs: What do you want to accomplish with this campaign and how will you measure performance?
  3. Determine your offer: What incentive will get their attention?
  4. Identify your channel: What media channels will you use to promote this offer?
  5. Create your optimized landing page: How will you get the visitor to take action?
  6. Track and measure results: How will you measure success?

Here are a few examples of brands who have found success in their most recent campaigns. 


@gap - #IAMGAP - Promoting new pants line that fit a persons aesthetic.


@always_brand - #LikeAGirl - Girls can do anything boys can do. 


@dove - #RealBeauty - Woman should have the confidence to show off their beauty inside and out and feel good doing so. 

What are some things that you like about these brands and their campaigns? Tell us in the comments below. 

Story by: Barbara Rego