Something Verified, Something Blue

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See those little blue and white check marks next to the user handles? Yeah, you recognize that symbol. You see it next to the names of celebrities, well-known athletes, and big-name companies like Apple. You also most likely know that that little check mark means that the account its attached to is “verified.” But what does that really mean? Is it based on the number of followers, public recognition, or profitability? We all know the blue checks means the account is “legit” but there are plenty of accounts we would consider “legit” that don’t have one.


It lets users know that the account is the real deal. For instance, the blue check next to amyschumer lets users know that is her real account. While amyschumer9391 that doesn't have the blue check is a fan or fake account. Having experienced the blue checks in ways like this, users instinctively give added credibility to brands and accounts that have them.

So, what does it take for an account to get the stamp of approval from these massive social media sites? Well, there is no exact way, since they are given out by Instagram moderators and not an algorithm. It is this exclusivity that makes the verification symbol so sought after. It also has tangible benefits in the sense that when it comes to search, a blue check mark bumps you up to the top of the results pool.

Luckily, Sprout Social has 5 tips for getting verified.

Step 1: Focus Your Attention on Parallel Platforms

Establish a strong presence on other platforms to help with your credibility.


Step 2: Suggest You’re at Risk of Being Impersonated


Step 3: Stay Active on Your Accounts


Step 4: Stock Up on Earned Media


Step 5: Try Asking to be Verified

This requires getting in touch with the right people. This can be done through connections, the platform’s support team, or spending money on ads, all of which might help you get your foot in the door.

Being verified is not the only way to be successful on social media; however, it can definitely be an added bonus. If you think you or your brand might be verification worthy, it might be worth looking into and following the above steps.

We think you’re LEGIT either way though ;)

Story By: Corinne Orr